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Camronn Huff's Personality Keynote Analyzes the Recipe for Progress

 - Sep 28, 2012
References: personalityhacker & youtube
Camronn Huff is the co-founder of the consulting organization Personality Hacker and his personality keynote examines the two types of people in the world. Huff explains that there are two types of people in the world -- those who agree that at their core, they are basically like everyone else, and those who feel like they are, for whatever reasons, fundamentally different. Members from each group share a number of qualities and characteristics and each perceives the world differently.

The group that feels they are the same is very adaptable and can create a world for themselves in which they are generally satisfied and content. The other group, however, is very restless and tends to always be looking for something new.

Huff's personality keynote states that innovation and progress depends on seemingly unreasonable people just as much as it does on reasonable people, and even more so on the cooperation between these two groups.