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Shigeru Ban’s Paper Shelter Keynote Discusses his Unique Uses for Pape

 - Aug 15, 2013
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Innovative architect Shigeru Ban discusses creating eco-friendly emergency units in this paper shelter keynote. Ban has always had an interest in building environmentally conscious architecture, and has been putting together disaster shelters constructed from cardboard tubes and paper. These shelters are meant to be temporary, though some have lived in them on a more permanent basis.

In 1994, Ban built temporary homes from Rwandan refugees. After that, he built paper shelters for people in Japan, after a large earthquake hit and caused devastation. Ban designs these shelters in a way that provides people in need with some privacy, which he acknowledges is an important thing.

Ban’s paper shelters are made from recyclable materials, and are inexpensive to create. They are durable and provide people in need with some peace of mind.