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Jessica Green's Ecodesign Keynote Encourages the Optimization of Microbes

 - Mar 27, 2013
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This ecodesign keynote by Jessica Green feels that we need to better understand germs and how they interact with each other. She feels we can take advantage of this to better synchronize these relationships to build healthier spaces. This would especially be useful in hospitals as she states that one in 20 patients leave with a new disease.

Through a variety of tests and documentation, proof that designing work spaces to cater these ecosystems can have profound effects in everyday life such as creating areas that are more energy efficient. She calls this process bioinformed design. Because of her results, she feels that biology needs to be added to building strategies and even everyday products.

She ends her ecodesign keynote by stating that by simply altering the way cellphones are made, it can give better breath to users. This gives an excellent example of the potential of her theory.