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Adam Duvander's API Business Model Keynote Introduces Three Trends

 - Feb 16, 2013
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Adam Duvander, the executive editor at 'ProgrammableWeb,' delivers an interesting and informative API business model keynote that explores the new things being done with web technology.

He briefly touches on the history of APIs and where they are today. He suggests that people need to focus less on new technologies and instead focus on how businesses are using them. He then identifies the three trends that are transforming the way we work on the web: apps, partners and income.

Apps have created a huge number of opportunities for new relationships between app designers, advertisers and social networks. The partnerships -- for the majority -- really make no sense at all but because of the framework of API, the opportunities become endless.

Just like people insisted the web needed to be built into business, Duvander believes API needs to be built into a company's web strategy.