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This Mobile Apps Keynote by Brian Wong Explains Kiip's Concepts

 - Feb 8, 2013
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Brian Wong, the co-founder at Kiip and one of the youngest Internet entreprenuers to raise venture capital, delivers a mobile apps keynote packed with plenty of fascinating ideas, which make it hard to believe he is only 21-years-old.

His company Kiip centers around the idea of mobile advertising via rewarding people as they play games on their smartphones. He was motivated to start Kiip due to his frustration with banner advertising. He believed that there was opportunity to connect with someone during the small joys and moments of happiness while they play games on mobile phones, making it not even seem like an advertisement at all.

Incorporating "play" and "reward" into everyday experiences is what humanizes a business and what truly makes those emotional connections with customers and consumers.

This mobile apps keynote is fascinating for two reasons: its content and the fact that it is delivered by the 21-year-old behind the concepts.