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Michael Green’s Wooden Architecture Keynote Encourages Upcy

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: mg-architecture & youtu.be
Architect Michael Green gives a speech on the possibility of wooden architecture replacing steel and concrete buildings. Green loves to incorporate wood into his own designs. He believes that wood is as strong as other building materials, but adds an interesting look to buildings. However, he also discusses more pressing reasons to convert to wooden architecture.

Green discusses the surprising amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions created by steel and concrete. Green suggests that building skyscrapers with wood would help to reduce this problem. He addresses potential concerns and objections to building with wood and says that wooden beams are strong and they can be as safe as steel and concrete. He points out that wooden beams are extremely hard to set fire to and they burn slowly like a log when they do catch fire. They are no more dangerous in the event of a fire than other materials.

Michael Green claims the hardest part about switching over to wooden architecture will be convincing the public that it’s safe.