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Mina Bissell's New Understanding of Cancer Keynote Provides Insight

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: lbl.gov & ted
The new understanding of cancer keynote by Mina Bissell describes some of the latest discoveries found in the Bissell laboratory. Mina Bissell disproves some of the most common beliefs of cancer and provides new insight intoto understanding the development of their cells.

Mina Bissell has been studying cancer cells for decades, and she believes that they are contingent on the other cells encircling them. The microenvironment influences the growth of cancer cells, and they provide the cancer with signals on how to evolve.

Mina Bissell gives brief lessons on developmental biology to break down her findings, and she describes how she has proven revolutionary ideas wrong. The Bissell laboratory thinks outside of the box, and these new discoveries provide a new look at cancer development.