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Daniel Kraft Discusses a New Device Capable of Saving Cancer Patients

 - Jan 7, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
Daniel Kraft is a pediatric cancer doctor and stem cell researcher who has dedicated his life and career to treating bone marrow cancer patients. In this speech, he introduces a device he calls the 'Marrow Miner' that makes it easier for doctors and surgeons to extract marrow and cells from patient's bones. Daniel Kraft explains how the Marrow Miner is much more efficient and effective than the traditional procedure used to extract bone marrow as it only requires one puncture into a bone and can extract up to ten times more cells.

Daniel Kraft then outlines the benefits of the Marrow Miner over the traditional procedure; individuals can now bank their own cells for the future and it encourages more people to donate since the process is simple, painless and fast. Ultimately, the Marrow Miner will make it easier for doctors and surgeons to complete their procedures effectively and efficiently, resulting in more saved lives.