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Shantel McBride's Live Like You're Dying Keynote is Impacting

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: shantelmcbride & youtube
Shantel McBride talks about making the most out of the time one has in her live like you're dying keynote. After losing several family members and friends to cancer in a short period of time Shantel was faced with the grim realization that life is short.

Helping her one friend write an obituary, McBride came to realize the necessity of "kicking someone in the butt if they aren't doing what they want to do." If someone is not living out or pursuing their passion then they are making a decision to disregard the tremendous opportunities that life presents.

Everyone is made equal; it's what someone does in the 24 hours of the day that distinguishes those who make the most out of life and those who are letting it pass them by. Those who believe in themselves don't have to change a thing when asked "what would you do if you knew you only had a week left to live?"