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This Misha Glenny Speech Profiles the World's Most Advanced Hackers

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
The Misha Glenny speech explores the topic of cybersecurity. As Misha Glenny explains, cyber crimes are increasing at an inordinately rapid pace. Despite the billions of dollars spent every year on fighting cyber crimes, it is impossible to know when cyber criminals will attack or what the consequences will be. Ideologically driven, 'hackers' believe that they are the authentic voice of resistance.

Mischa Glenny's keynote spotlights the role of the 'hacker' in cybersecurity. Glenny investigated some of the world's most notorious cyber hackers and concluded that these individuals share a variety of the same characteristics; they all developed their hacking skills in their early adolescences, are advanced in mathematics and science and had not yet developed their moral compasses when acquiring their skills.

Glenny believes that finding these individuals -- who are remarkably intelligent and gifted -- and offering them appropriate guidance is the only way to truly solve the issue of cybersecurity.