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Aleph Molinari Discusses the Importance of the Digitally Excluded

 - Feb 7, 2012
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Aleph Molinari is dedicated to bridging the digital divide that exists in the world today. He begins his speech by defining the digital divide as "the gap between individuals and communities that have access to information technologies and those that don't." According to Molinari, this divide represents a new breed of illiteracy capable of building a variety of obstacles for people all over the world. Nations without digital means of research, education and communication cannot compete in the labor markets of the future.

Molinari argues that global connection and technological-literacy is not a luxury -- in this generation, Internet access is a right. His speech provides insight into an issue to which most individuals living in the Western world do not pay attention. For millions of individuals, access to technology and the Internet has existed ever since they can remember, making Molinari's speech not only extremely relevant, but important for those who take their everyday access to the Web for granted.