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Amy Goodman's Media Talk Discusses Current Media and Improving It

 - Aug 22, 2013
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Speaker Amy Goodman states that American media is at an all time low in her media talk. Goodman talks about the importance of covering all aspects of the news, and delivering unbiased reports. She claims that reporters doing war coverage shouldn't be embedded in the front lines and the troops alone. They should also explore hospitals, and affected areas to show viewers the cost of war.

Goodman claims that the problem is that media coverage is corporately controlled. She urges journalists to take it back in this short speech. She offers up examples of reporters who have risked a lot to expose different sides to big breaking news stories.

This thought-provoking media talk makes viewers think about modern media. It's hard to recall a time in recent years where Americans have been exposed to the devastation caused by the wars they're taking part in.