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Leonard Brody Discusses the Future of User-Focused News

 - Feb 17, 2012
References: whoisleonardbrody.blogspot & youtu.be
Technology entrepreneur, author and government advisor Leonard Brody states that our society is facing one of the largest forks in the road that we have ever experienced.

Our world is at a crossroads, facing global, financial and environmental challenges that make it difficult to predict or prepare for our future. With the increasing development of technology, individuals are using online outlets to connect to one another. While social sites are gaining prevalence, online media is slowly replacing traditional media sources.

Examining the future of our world, Brody stresses the importance of perseverance, stating that we must figure out how to navigate when dealing with a fork in the road. Recalling the crowd-sourced news event led as a result of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, Leonard Brody explores the future of our world and how it will benefit from advances in technology.