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Anna Rothschild's Keynote on Gross Science Highlights Its Importance

 - Jun 26, 2018
References: youtube & ted
Anna Rothschild delivers a keynote on gross science that reveals a few curiously icky facts and brings attention to the importance of transcending our initial disgusted responses. The speaker is a science journalist and multimedia producer who has harbored a vast fascination for gross things from a very early age. In addition, she has a weekly YouTube web series called 'Gross Science.'

During her talk, Anna Rothschild relates the concept of disgust to morality. Things like "bodily fluids and sex and physical abnormalities and death," reminds humans that they are just animals, which is somehow a largely uncomfortable thought. Hence, protection against the imposed transgressive values of gross things is put in to place both for adults who avoid them and for children who are told to avoid them.

The keynote on gross science reveals the potential and educative value of this somewhat edgy part of the field. Firstly, Anna Rothschild identifies it as a great tool that can manifest knowledge and a method to preserve a child-like curiosity. Secondly, it is a way for scientists to discover processes and natural features that can assist humanity. For example, some of the early attempts at fertility drugs included the use of nuns' pee. And thirdly, the keynote on gross science stresses that the platform can facilitate open dialogues and allow individuals to have agency over their body and health.