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Kristy Duncan Advocates for Open Discourse with a Talk on Science

 - May 22, 2018
References: canada & ted
Kristy Duncan is the Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities for the Government of Canada and in her TED talk on science, the politician underlines the crucial role of the field and its need for 100% transparency.

The speaker begins with an example of how educational findings and groundbreaking truths can be unjustly contained within the parameters of an institution. She relates the case of Dr. Max Bothwell — a scientist for the Government of Canada, who was studying a type of algae that was detrimental for life in river ecosystems. Although his findings suggested climate change, he was not allowed to speak to the media about his research. Kristy Duncan's talk on science goes on to highlight this suppression and how important it is for the country to overcome it. She advocates for the scientists' freedom to collaborate, to speak openly, as well as to undertake approaches and topics that they are passionate about.

Kristy Duncan feels strongly about communicating uncomfortable and inconvenient truths, as well as failing. For one, findings can help fuel different research and attempts at solutions. They can create a more mindful population, which is essential for our survival as a species. Secondly, the art of failing gives rise to new knowledge, new procedures and opens up the opportunity to learn.

In the last minutes of the talk on science, Kristy Duncan briefly informs the audience about what the Government of Canada is doing to "restore science to its rightful place" and urges individuals to join the ranks.