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Mike Gil's Talk on Fish Considers How to Save Coral Reefs

 - Apr 21, 2018
References: youtube & ted
Dr. Mike Gil, National Science Foundation research fellow and National Geographic explorer, begins his talk on fish social networks by asking the audience to raise their hands if they are intrigued by life under the sea, instantly moving into his philosophy of social networking and behavior copying.

By using novel multi-camera systems and unique computer vision technology, Gil was able to explore and start to understand how fish in the coral reef behave, socialize and affect all ecosystems. Learning how fish socialize led Gil to understand that just the same as humans, fish communicate via social networks -- and the reason behind the dying coral reefs could be that those social networks are being distributed.

Finishing his speech, Dr. Mike Gil explains how delicate the ecology of the reefs are, how delicate fish social networks are and how his study could resolve a problem that could affect feeding millions of people and supporting the global economy.