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Marily Oppezzo Talks About The Creative Power in Talking a Walk

 - Apr 24, 2018
References: ted & ted
Marily Oppezzo gives a speech about the creative power and stimulation that comes from simply taking a walk. She is an expert in behavioral and learning science, having completed her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology at Stanford. In addition to this, she has obtained a master's degree for nutritional science and is a registered dietitian. Her research really highlights her interest in interdisciplinary training, especially on the encouragement of health improvements and well-being.

With her talk on the creative stimulation of bodily movements, Oppezzo measures the difference between test-takers when they are exposed to different environments and directions of action. It was found that creative ideas were formulated when walking on a treadmill. Oppezzo explains that the implication of this result is that walks should be taken prior to brainstorming. More specifically, she lays out mental steps to think about when taking a stimulating walk -- to pinpoint a problem or topic of thought, walk at a comfortable pace, gather as many ideas as you can, record them in some way, and note that ideas don't have to come right away.