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Sana Khader Gives a Enticing Speech on Maximizing Your Passion

 - May 26, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Sana Khader delivers a captivating speech on maximizing your passion. She embodies a range of skillsets, from being a craftsperson, a student, and an orator. Khader is recognized in Kerala, where she is from due to her creative craft, whilst gaining friends from all over the world through the concept of snail mail. She encourages the exploration of one's true potential and shares her story of balancing her studies and passion in a world where only a small set of careers are acknowledged. At the young age of nine, Khader began her creative career by designing dresses, and now at the age of 24, she travels the world to share her creativity.

Khader begins her talk by asking her audience to think about what their passions are in their lives and if they are living that passionate life. She shares that she studies Computer Science Engineering, which isn't a field in the creative realm where her passion lies. This did not stop her from exploring her potential in crafts even though it wasn't given any acknowledgment. The speaker explains the high strung focus on our worries and what society would make about what we're doing, but advises to shift that focus on our strengths and skills. This allows people to see us for what we are good for and for us to excel in those areas.

The world holds certain industries on a high pedestal, giving off the idea that careers paths of banking, law, medicine, and engineering are the only areas that rake in monetary value. Khader explains something that trumps this concept -- and that is the satisfaction we get from doing what we love.