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Mark Rober's Keynote on Creativity Explains How to Have Good Ideas

 - Jul 7, 2015
In his keynote on creativity, Mark Rober explains how to come up with good ideas. The inventive YouTuber debunks the notion that some people are simply born creative, and instead states creativity is like a muscle. The speech describes how to develop it with three steps and a plethora of historical and recent examples.

The keynote on creativity says the keys to being more creative are being curious, working hard and getting lucky. Observation and maintaining a childlike approach to the world is one way to come up with better ideas. The speaker references everything from the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria to microwave ovens and the marshmallow challenge to prove this. While hard work seems pretty straight forward, luck is more complicated a concept to grasp. Rober believes we are all more creative than we give ourselves credit for, and it's ultimately about trusting the process.