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Peter Sheahan's Packaging Ideas Presentation Discusses Valuable Offers

 - Oct 9, 2014
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In his packaging ideas presentation, Peter Sheahan discusses the evolution of a great idea. As not all ideas are equal, the speaker suggests talking about offers instead of ideas. This way people have something tangible they can exchange, because people trade for the value they want in return.

The packaging ideas presentation discusses the evolution from aspiration to concept to offer. By transforming what is generally known as an aspiration and creating a concept around it, entrepreneurs can present it as a type of offer. If you present your idea as something vague that you want to do, people are unlikely to dispute it. However, Sheahan insists you "reject the notion of abstract ideas" by asking yourself how it will be done. By asking how, your idea can grow and evolve from something you want to do to something you can offer.

He also warns against the "curse of the cute." The packaging ideas presentation advises to avoid judging ideas based on their creativity, and instead focus on leveraging your offers based on the value it generates and how hot it is.