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Seth Godin's Creative Innovation Keynote is Realistically Helpful

 - May 1, 2014
References: sethgodin & vimeo
Known for his motivational talks and his popularity with audiences, Seth Godin shares his insights on what he calls 'the Lizard Brain' and what we can do to shut it out in his creative innovation keynote.

In his talk, the bestselling author and entrepreneur explains to the audience that the hardest part of an idea, a startup, a new strategy or a business proposal is the getting started part of the equation. Godin stresses in his creative innovation keynote that coming up with simple ideas is not the hard part, but really embracing them and making sure that they are finished is. The entrepreneur knows how hard it is to share projects or ideas with the world; however, he thinks getting over these doubts -- which come out for our 'lizard brain' -- is the most important part because that "thrash at the beginning" is normal, we just need to keep going.