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John Green's YouTube Video Keynote on Defining Successful Content

 - May 11, 2015
In his online video keynote, John Green discusses the different models of success people use to measure video content on the Internet. The novelist and YouTuber believe what is good for your community is good for your business, and what's bad for the community is bad for business, even if you make more money.

The video keynote emphasizes the importance of building community authentically and compares several of the video projects he's been involved with to prove this. The speaker believes in finding viewers who want to be a part of the journey and creating communities you want to be a part of, and that make your life more engaging as a result of belonging to them.

However, most online video incentives run counter to this. Instead of focusing on advertising, we should focus on content that encourages people to connect and collaborate, that matters to them. The goal should be a passionate audience, not necessary a large one; who love what you make, not just watch what you make.