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Chris Anderson Discusses Web Video and Its Cycle of Learning

 - Feb 16, 2012
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Curator of the TED conference Chris Anderson discusses the power of something he calls crowd accelerated innovation driven by online videos. According to Chris Anderson, who has witnessed the phenomenon with videos from the TED conference, the cycle of improvement driven by people watching web videos is driven by three factors: crowd (the group with a common interest), light (clear, open visibility and how you'll be empowered to participate), and desire (interest to get better based on social status).

Chris Anderson uses the evolution of the world of dance to demonstrate the power of crowd accelerated innovation. Through challenging each other online to get better at dance, new moves are being invented all the time, expanding the sport to levels exponentially faster than before.

According to Chris Anderson, all three of these factors are "turned up" on the web, creating a spectacular arena where everyone can see what the best can do, and driving huge amounts of effort to get better.