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The Innovation Lecture Given by Linda Hill Focuses on Leadership

 - Mar 3, 2015
In her innovation lecture, Linda Hill discusses why we need to challenge traditional views of leadership -- especially when it comes to leading innovation. The management visionary and business professor explains how standing notions of great leadership do not work in innovation and how an anthropological approach to the subject matter proves this.

Leading in innvoation is not about creating vision and inspiring others to execute it, as many might think. The innovation lecture states that in innovation, it is about collective, and not solo, genius. The speaker talks about how at the heart of innovation a paradox exists where leaders must unleash creativity of others but also harness it into something useful. As such, innovation is a collaborative process and often the result of trial and error. She believes the most innovative organizations are communities with three capabilities: creative abrasion, creative agility and creative resolution.

The innovation lecture uses companies like Pixar and the Google infrastructure group as examples.