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Barry Schneider's Lecture on Culture Explains the Values of Loyal3

 - Sep 20, 2014
In his lecture on culture, Loyal3 CEO Barry Schneider discusses the vision and core values driving his startup.

The primary aim of Loyal3 is to democratize the marketplace and make it easy and affordable for everybody to invest in the brands they love. As IPOs epitomize the elite, he wants to destroy that paradigm and level the playing field. The speaker explains anyone with a "social security number and a beating heart" can invest.

The lecture on culture emphasizes the importance of having a business with vision. A strong advocate of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, Schneider believes if you own stock you care more about the brand. Within the Loyal3 culture they have a system called the Three I's. Integrity is not optional and requires employees to be candid, honest and admit to mistakes so there can be trust among people. Innovation means everybody has a voice and all ideas are good. Rather than having a superstar, Loyal3 champions interdependence and team success.