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Jochen Menges's Performance Speech on the Acceleration Track

 - Feb 17, 2015
In his performance speech, Dr. Jochen Menges talks about how companies are overworking their employees and the detrimental impact this has on business.

The speaker acknowledges in today's market economy, businesses need to be faster and better to survive. To do this they often put in place strategies like introducing new management technologies, raising performance goals, shortening innovation cycles, increasing the number and speed of activities and making organizational systems more efficient. However, in their attempts to get more work done with fewer people at higher quality in less time, companies run into more trouble this way because these practices are not sustainable. The performance speech calls this the acceleration track.

In addition to being unsustainable, when companies take on more than they can handle managers often misinterpret workers' lack of energy as laziness and exert even more pressure. The speaker maintains companies can escape this track and maintain high performance in the long run without overtaxing employees. The performance speech explains how to recognize this pattern, get out and establish an organizational culture that prevents the acceleration track.