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Josh Kaufman’s Learn Anything Talk Will Inspire You to Learn

 - Jan 31, 2014
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In his learn anything talk, Josh Kaufman hopes to dispel some of the misconceptions that are out there about learning new skills.

Kaufman discusses how the popular notion of needing 10,000 hours to acquire a new skill has been misunderstood. The truth of the 10,000 hours rule is that it only pertains to expert-level performance in a very specific arena. His research has lead him to the discovery that in order to be good at something it takes only 20 hours of focused and deliberate practice. Kaufman then goes on to give four tips to help one learn the best way possible. His tips are: to deconstruct the skill, learn enough to self-correct, remove practice barriers and to practice the full 20 hours.

The major barriers to learning aren’t intellectual, but rather emotional. With his learn anything talk, Josh Kaufman hopes to encourage everyone to learn and remove the barriers that keep them from learning.