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The speech by David Hemery on potential shares what was going through his mind when he won a gold...

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David Hemery's Presentation on Potential Focuses on Young People

 - Jan 17, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his presentation on potential, Olympic gold medalist David Hemery explains how greatness lies in everyone. The British track and field athlete asks why some people under pressure get very close to fulfilling their potential while others tighten up and don't deliver all that they could. He wonders what is it about those who hold it together under stress and discusses how the way they think is not only critical, but how coaching impacts that.

The presentation on potential explains how high degrees of awareness and high degrees of responsibility must be balanced to achieve great success. The speaker discusses "the coaching dance" between the performer centered and adult centered approach. According to this approach, performance improvement is about motivating, setting goals and targets, feedback, learning, listening and asking the right questions. He also emphasizes the importance of teaching resilience in coaching.