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BK Yoon Shares Predictions for the Future in his CES 2014 Technology Keynote

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: youtube
CEO of Samsung BK Yoon shares an eye-openieng CES technology keynote that discusses how consumer electronics are gearing up to become that much more personalized and adapted for the future. Throughout the talk, held at this year's CES 2015 innovation platform conference, Yoon explores how the current gadgets we own, like smartphones and tablets, are only the beginning of a much larger technological revolution.

Samsung is at the forefront of creating innovative consumer products for the future. Ideas such as having devices with the ability to share data to anyone via the Internet will revolutionize the efficiency of how we share information amongst ourselves. IOT software is another example of an innovative service stemming from this trend. Yoon also called upon innovators from top consumer electronic brands like BMW, Jawbone and SmartThings to share their exciting insights and new product releases for the future.