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Elliot Masie's Learning Talk Explores Educational Innovative Ideas

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: youtube
While new innovations are flooding the market daily with cool products and services, founder of the Masie Center Elliot Masie's learning talk speaks to how innovation should have a higher, educational purpose. New products that are able to teach consumers something new or develop their skills are much more valuable than something that is momentarily dubbed "cool."

At the Masie Center, Masie often encounters and tests out new products while simultaneously looking if it has any educational value. "Beyond being cool can it do anything," Masie asks, "specifically can it help an individual or a corporation with learning." If it can, then the product's value is much higher if there is a correlation between the product's technology and education. Masie gives the example of flying drones embedded with cameras that can be used after house fires for insurance purposes.