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Jenny Siu's Job Hunting Talk Offers Tips to Millennials

 - Jun 29, 2015
In her job hunting talk, Jenny Siu discusses how the millennial generation can break outside the box many corporate hiring managers will place them in. Rather than offering ways to combat existing stereotypes older people might have about millennial workers, the speaker shares her personal experience looking for a job after graduation and gives advice on thinking outside the box.

The job hunting talk describes how corporate hiring practices contribute to youth unemployment because they filter out applicants who don't have relevant work experience fresh out of school, were unable to attend the best business school or due to finances couldn't obtain their masters.

However, the speaker believes people who didn't take the conventional path can still be top performers at such organizations and deserve a fair chance. Employers are also missing out on fresh and creative ideas.

The job hunting talk encourages the audience not to be lazy and to not let being placed in a box discourage them. Instead, young people should look to be outstanding while still at school. And if you get rejected by the usual process, go to networking events and work on your personal pitch.