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Keevin O'Rourke's Talk About Millennials Dismantles Stereotypes

 - May 12, 2015
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In his talk about millennials, Keevin O'Rourke discusses the next generation of workers and why the millennial generation is judged unfairly.

By 2020, studies estimate about half of the workforce will be made up of millennials. The speaker shares some related stats, like 67% want to start a business (according to Forbes). He talks about the stereotype that millennials want to start companies because they are too lazy to get real jobs. However, O'Rourke argues in two years these young entrepreneurs will learn more than others might in 20 years spent in a cubicle and that business owners are hardly lazy.

The talk about millennials questions what is missing that young people are willing to risk their own well-being to avoid working for someone else. The speaker believes the millennial generation values not perks and prestige in the work place, but autonomy over micro-management and meaning over money. He breaks down assumptions based on these values.

The talk about millennials encourages employers to adapt and change to new way of employees, because if they don't, someone else will.