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The Gen Y and Millennials Keynote by Jason Dorsey Connects Employees

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: jasondorsey & youtube
The Gen Y and Millennials keynote by Jason Dorsey gives practical workplace advice for hiring individuals in Gen Y and all four generations. In today's workplace, there are four generations working together, and Dorsey focuses on the disconnect between the different age groups. Some organizations ignore this issue, but those that address it will have strategic opportunities.

Jason Dorsey acknowledges the stereotypes given to different generations, and explains how important it is to not categorize individuals based on their age. Dorsey covers the factors that shape generations, and he provides an insider's outlook on Gen Y.

The Gen Y and Millennials keynote focuses on ways to better lead cross-generational employees in the workplace. This generation gap keynote presents the best strategic practices for the marketplace to have a competitive advantage.