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A Schoolyard Conflict Resolution Keynote by Eric Dawson

 - Jun 14, 2012
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The power that unlocking the creative potential of young people can have for combating violence is described in this schoolyard conflict resolution keynote by Peace First president Eric Dawson.

He begins his speech by explaining that the violence and conflicts that occur within the younger generations need to be addressed not by means of labeling the children as bad, but rather, by harnessing their inner potential to achieve positive change.

Once adults alter their perceptions of young people away from that of seeing them as troublemakers or hooligans to encouraging them to be leaders and make a difference in their community, it will become possible for more of society's youth to make positive contributions to their neighborhoods.

This schoolyard conflict resolution speech explains that solving violent pandemics within youth subculture must be addressed not with scolding and judgement, but rather, through encouragement and support.