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Chris Eigeland's Talk on Innovation on Modifying Rules

 - Apr 7, 2015
In his talk on social innovation, Chris Eigeland shares how young thinkers and entrepreneurs can change the rules of social business. Based on his own professional experience, the speaker feels "what and how we encourage young people to think about social innovation and entrepreneurship actually has the potential to undermine our ability to contribute and to undermine our thirst for making a difference." He notes this thirst is most prevalent in the millennial generation. A survey indicates 84% of millennials believe they have a duty to change the world in a positive way, and not just a desire. This is evidenced within the Australian economy with the formation of small companies that take on challenges.

The talk on innovation explains the existing playbook for entrepreneurs idolizes perfection and commercial success. He encourages young people to adapt in three ways: by re-engineering the mindset that values innovation by increment, by embracing vulnerability and by valuing the social.