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Fred D'Agostino's Speech on Democracy on Higher Education

 - Sep 4, 2014
In his speech on democracy, Fred D'Agostino discusses how the purpose of higher education is not to find a job. Backed by historical examples and academic sources, the speaker explains that people go to university so they can contribute to a "more robust democracy" and participate in civilized society. He mentions we need an educated workforce in a knowledge economy.

In order to exercise your democratic rights, there are certain skills you need and things you should know. Voting and exercising good judgement are just some of things people should learn in an institution of higher learning. The concept of education having a purpose in relation to civic engagement is independent of where one sits on the political spectrum, asserts D'Agostino's speech on democracy.

The speaker also explores how education offers a basis for human dignity, as evidenced by the Little Rock 9.