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J.T. Allen Presents the Pros and Cons of Being His Own Boss

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: articles.businessinsider & youtu.be
Entrepreneur J.T. Allen illustrates both the positive and negative aspects of being his own boss. Though Allen enjoys the perks that come with being his own boss, he can sometimes lose focus on top priorities. He has the ability to set his own priorities, meetings and schedules which can sometimes result in working to eternity. Work is endless, and it is easy to fall under the pressure of deadlines and peer expectations.

J.T. Allen encourages self-employed entrepreneurs to work at finding the right balance and prioritizing key tasks. He stresses the importance of focusing on formulating strong and effective teams that can work independently and stand on their own. If one is their own boss, a question of impact always exists. CEOs always want to make an impression whether it is through profit, relationships or influence within their industry.