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Mace Horoff's Intimate Selling Talk Compares Sales to Hanky Panky

 - Oct 22, 2014
References: youtube
In his intimate selling talk, Mace Horoff compares the act of selling to the art of seduction.

Horoff believes that everyone can uncover their hidden sales skills; it's merely a matter of motivation. Sex and romance are experienced best when taken slowly. Horoff extends the same advice to salespeople, many of whom, he says, suffer from PPD: Premature Presentation Disorder. Sufferers "skip the foreplay" and move right along to the main event, which is closing the deal. Unfortunately, this often means that the salesperson is done before the prospective client is even warmed up.

Instead of going after the end objective and trying to get what they want, salespeople would benefit from slowing down and taking on a lover's mentality. He encourages us to slow down, focus and ask questions. If we're passionate enough, we can inspire desire in the client and mutually satisfy each other.