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Adam Mahler's Talk on Sales Discusses Community and Authenticity

 - Oct 22, 2014
In his talk on sales, Adam Mahler discusses the importance of story in selling, especially when it comes to staying true to who you are. The self-described "wine guy" quotes Guy Kawaski and his approach to selling, which is to make evangelists and not sales. Like Kawaski, Mahler believes in building a community around your product as not to force it.

In discussing the importance of story in sales, the speaker says it's likely "the only thing saving us." His talk on sales uses an anecdote about the recession in 2008 and how many in the wine distribution industry stopped selling the wine they loved and instead began representing wine they resented. Mahler strongly encourages salespeople to create enthusiasm for stories and the quality of what they're selling. This way it's not about selling, but turning people on to something. This approach allowed him to be able to be creative, do what he wanted, live where he wanted and sell what he wanted.