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The Gabriel Barcia-Colombo Interactive Art Keynote is Unique

 - Sep 19, 2012
References: gabebc & youtube
The Gabriel Barcia-Colombo interactive art keynote shows an audience how to capture memories in an interactive way. His humorous speech touches on his want to memorialize his life and the lives of his friends at that moment in time. Barcia-Colombo believes that the best way to capture a moment in time is through the use of video recordings.

He used video-mapping and video-projections of his friend and put them into jars, then added an interactive element. He added a sensor that would respond when you got close to the jars and then they would react in different ways. This is a great use of added interactivity into sculpture and turning art into real life. Barcio-Colombo shares several different pieces with the audience including his blender piece and his time punch-clock piece.

His keynote shows how unique and interesting interactive video art can be, and how an audience themselves can really be a part of how it turns out.