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George Teodorescu's Integration Speech on Integration Versus Assimilation

 - Sep 1, 2013
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Speaker George Teodorescu discusses integration and assimilation in this thought-provoking integration speech. Teodorescu points out that the world is very interconnected now, more so than ever before. This has changed the way that people look for jobs. Individuals can use platforms like LinkedIn to search other countries for exciting job opportunities. Teodorescu's speech focuses in on global professionals who relocate in other countries, and explores the challenges that they face.

Teodorescu talks about his parents, who were both engineers. The pair moved to the United States, and while they were incredibly capable individuals, they felt as though they lost some of the credit that they had earned in their own countries due to language barriers.

Teodorescu shares personal experiences and uses history to thoroughly examine the challenges faced by global professionals once they've been dropped into an unfamiliar setting.