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Penn Jillette's Speech on Politics on Separation of Church and State

 - Aug 20, 2013
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Speaker Penn Jillette gives a speech on politics that discusses why church and state should be kept separate. Penn says that bringing religion into politics helps to further separate the people of the country into groups (especially when a specific religion is named). Jillette, who is against political and religious movements, explains that if he were a politician he would rally together atheists, agnostics, people against organized religion, wiccans and any other non-traditional group. But what good would that really do?

Jillette goes on to discuss Michelle Bachmann, a Christian politician. He reminds viewers that she has openly stated that hurricanes, earthquakes and floods are God's way of getting people's attention. He looks at this statement not as an atheist, but from the perspective of a Christian (like his father). Statements like these make certain religious groups look bad. They misrepresent them. This is another reason why religion and politics should be kept separate.