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Krista Donaldson's Implementation Keynote is Remarkable

 - Jun 11, 2014
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In her implementation keynote, Krista Donaldson discusses her tried-and-tested lessons on how to deal with different implementation processes in the developing world. As the CEO of the international development and healthcare organization D-Rev, Donaldson shares how important it is to design products that can change the world and help those less privileged than us.

In the talk, Donaldson uses the example of water pumps in Kenya to describe the process her organization deals with on a daily basis and to explain to the audience how the design process works as a whole. She strongly believes that good ideas can only go so far and that implementing products and getting them to the end user is the most important thing. She also highlights in her implementation keynote the importance of listening and talking to your customers all the time to really be able to adjust you design process to their needs.