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The Molly Reams Thompson speech examines the role food can play in stimulating the local economy.... Need Inspiration?

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Molly Reams Thompson's Local Economy Speech on the Triple Bottom Line

 - Oct 12, 2013
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Molly Reams Thompson discusses the role food can play in her local economy speech. She views food as a vehicle to encourage environmental stewardship and to stimulate local economic growth. She acknowledges food is seen in many different ways, from a villain in poor diets to a rockstar with its own television channel.

In her work at the University of Toledo business incubator, she encourages entrepreneurs to consider people, planet and profit (otherwise known as the triple bottom line.) She explores how food can be perceived in each of these three categories in her local economy speech. Sharing food brings people together. Health land creates healthy food, which results in healthy people. Eating locally has many benefits, besides a more profitable community. It also cuts down on transportation and synthetic fertilizer use. Healthier locally sourced food also increases productivity and puts less strain on the healthcare system.