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Sandra Black Gives a Healthy Living Keynote on Cognitive Decline

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: youtube
This healthy living keynote by Sandra Black addresses the issues associated with brain health and cognitive decline. She starts out by saying it is important to keep an active mind and an insatiable lust for learning if we want to protect the aging brain.

During this healthy living keynote, Sandra reminds people that preventing cognitive decline and preserving the brain should be a key goal, because the brain is key.

As a reminder or the burden of brain disorders Sandra presents a few facts. Firstly, every year 38% of the population suffers from mental illness or neurodegenerative disease. Among these mental illnesses, the most disabling conditions are depression, demesne, alcohol use and stroke. It is also worth noting that costs are higher in brain disorders than in other diseases due to the persisting nature of brain disease.

This healthy living keynote provides many tips for people who are tying to make the right choices for their brain.