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This Traumatic Health Keynote by Sandro Galea Discourages Dysfunction

 - May 3, 2013
In this traumatic health keynote, Sandro Galea discusses the importance of resilience in health and what it means to be able to bounce back after dealing with a traumatic or troubling life event.

According to Sandro Galea, "90 percent of people in the country will have a traumatic event in their lifetime," and the resilience of an individual determines whether they can continue to live a functional life, or if they will be forced into a life of dysfunctional. During this traumatic health keynote, Galea discusses the importance of picking the right path when recovering form traumatic events in order to ensure a functional future.

During his speech, Galea states that when humans are dealing with troubling times or periods of poor health there are several different paths they may choose to take after the traumatic period has passed; the path of chronic dysfunction, the path of resistance, the path of resistance, the path of relapsing and the path of delayed dysfunction. Humans can choose any one of these paths but Galea discusses how we can train ourselves to be more resilient and thus choose the most beneficial path through the journey of healing.