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Nilofer Merchant on the Effects of Sitting in Her Situated Health Keynote

 - May 2, 2013
References: nilofermerchant & youtube
The act of sitting has become a great detriment in this generation according to Nilofer Merchant in her situated health keynote. Recent studies indicate that people spend more time sitting down on a chair than they do sleeping in bed and this is causing severe health problems. To put it simply, sitting is killing people.

For the current generation, sitting is the equivalent of smoking, according to Merchant. More often than not, people believe that if health takes precedence over current obligations, those commitments suffer and vice versa, but Merchant believes that if an individual attempts to break away from their confined predicament it will introduce them into ‘out of the box thinking.’ The idea of a walking and talking in sequence will expose people into thinking differently and more imaginative than before says Merchant.