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Jason Baptiste's Advice is Cruicial in This Online Feedback Keynote

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: jasonlbaptiste & fastcompany
Jason Baptiste addresses the accessibility of consumers in his informative feedback keynote.

Baptiste believes thats feedback from customers and users is rapidly growing. It is easy for consumers to anonymously send their input whether it be through straightforward emails or honestly callous Tweets. Technology has changed the way people give feedback, and has made it easier for more patrons to provide their opinions. It has become an unforgiving interface for many companies. If even the slightest things is off, people will complain.

This is why it is so important for companies to constantly be on their best behavior. Although consumers may complain when something is awry, they will also appreciate a company making amends or diffusing the situation. If a company goes out of its way to make its client happy, then that creates good publicity and shows consumers that their opinion is not only valued but also adhered to.