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Fred Kofman's Effective Communication Speech Offers Solutions

 - Jan 21, 2014
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Fred Kofman's effective communication speech offers tips and solutions to difficult situations. As he points out, the stakes are much higher in difficult conversations, and ironically, failure is more likely to happen during these situations.

While managing the outcome or participant of a conversation is impossible, it is possible to manage the process of a conversation. Kofman believes that showing you are willing to understand both sides of a conversation is critical.

There are three objectives in every conversation. The first is to feel good about yourself; the second is to relate to the other person positively; and the third is to get something out of the conversation. Dealing with the problem head on often means that people forget about the feelings involved. Because of this, it is imperative to make contact before addressing the content. It is key to show the other person you care before they are willing to truly listen to you.

Kofman's effective communication speech offers tips to ensure talks end positively.