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Audrey Parker Shows How Consulting Helps One Be a Stronger Listener

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: youtube
In this conversation with energy efficiency consultant and co-founder of CLEAResult Audrey Parker, she discusses how working as a consultant improves one's listening and negotiating skills. She explains how people in this line of work are better able to understand clients' needs and are able to reach reasonable solutions that work for both parties involved when negotiation comes into the picture.

She also demonstrates how a career in consulting can strengthen one's questioning skills, which can be an important tool in the practice of negotiation. She explains that solid questioning abilities can reveal what each party is trying to accomplish and how a lot of the time both parties have the same, or similar, goals in mind. In this insightful video conversation with Audrey Parker, she takes viewers deep into the world of consulting and puts the benefits of the exciting career into a context that is easy to understand.